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My fibro is starting to flare up. I don't know why, but I always have sharp shooting pelvic pain for a few days before a flare up. I have to find something to focus on... it's the only thing that even slightly helps when I start hurting this bad.

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Made it home and picked up our babies!!! They were so happy to see us and so very excited to see each other! Looks like they had has much of a fun-filled, full week as we did....

We are all so very tired. Chris and I had to stay awake to pick my parents up at the airport from their trip. They were in Aruba while we were in New York lol. Updating tomorrow.
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Wayd never found my bag of ornaments, so I don't have ANY... there goes the ones from my childhood that I had as well as the ones I've gotten through the years. How about an ornament exchange!?! I've love to have an ornament that reminds me of each of you, something that I could look at and think, "that's so *insert ...name here*"

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new york trip

well, jenna and i will leave town tomorrow evening. we're staying near the airport since we have to be there around 4:30am. i know i'll keep my fb updated before we actually get there, but i should be able to make an update while i'm there since i'm taking my laptop. not sure if i'll have the time though.... lol. going to take tons of pictures!
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we don't buy no drinks at the bar

we pop champagne cuz we got that dough
let me hear you say aah (aah aah aah aah)
say aah (aah aah aah aah)
go girl, its your birthday
open wide i know your thirsty

jenna put together some drinks-
for her & the boy of her's

i haven't finished the first page to my art journal yet, but i'm halfway through the second page. i have to go with what i feel... it's just collages of images i like, things i color, words from magazines, thread, lace, buttons... basically anything i can get my hands on as well as things i draw at times.

my answers are below the questions :)

what is your txt ring tone?
soul sister : train

what is your default ring tone?
maybe california : tori amos

what is the ring tone for your significant other?

life after you : daughtry
count down is on. 5 days until NY! ♥